Mc-Com Pro Eng

Tired of struggling bluetooth with short range and bad sound?

This is the professional solution!


Reliable radio loaded with 8  license free European  PMR channels, 0,5W or frequences and power that you have permission to use in your country.

This large PTT (Push To Talk) is easy to attatch with a clip on your gear for easy handling. Waterproof of course!

This advanced throat-mic is the key in the system and has double microphones to grant the exellent sound quality. The size is adjustable.  The speaker sound is transfered with a tube to your ear. So you can keep your standard intercom installation for GPS, phone and music.

We ensure that you don´t have to raise your voice to be heard!

Even if you are driving over the speedlimit on the highway :) - You will be heard!

Take a break - without the helmet - you can still talk!

Pull out the plug from the radio "off bike" on the camp and use the radio as a

standard walkie-talkie.

Price: SEK 3195 incl. Swedish VAT

Ask us for prices with only throat-mic to your brand aof radio!

The system is VERY useable in industry environments with

extreme noice levels and when using full face masks.

The kit (PTT and throat-mic) can be attached to most common professional radio systems

such as Motorola (Tetra included), Hytera, Kenwood, Icom etc.

Send a mail for inquiry!